About me

I am a multi-faceted individual deeply immersed in the world of digital creation.

As a web designer, I craft captivating and user-friendly interfaces that seamlessly blend aesthetics with functionality.

In my role as a web developer, I delve into the intricacies of coding, bringing websites to life with clean, efficient code and dynamic features.

Beyond that, I am also a passionate YouTuber, using my platform to share insights, tutorials, and creative content related to web design and development.

With a keen eye for design, a knack for problem-solving, and a commitment to delivering high-quality content, I thrive in the dynamic intersection of technology and creativity.

What i'm doing

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    Web design

    The most modern and high-quality design made at a professional level.

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    Web development

    High-quality development of sites at the professional level.

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    Mobile apps

    Professional development of applications for iOS and Android.

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    YouTube Creator

    Professional voiceover and video editor for YouTube channel.


  • Daniel lewis

    Daniel lewis

    Working with Mohana was fantastic! Their creativity and attention to detail resulted in a stunning, user-friendly website. Professionalism and responsiveness made communication a breeze. Our online presence has soared thanks to their expertise. Highly recommend!

  • Jessica miller

    Jessica miller

    Working with Mohana was a game-changer! Their expertise and dedication brought our vision to life with a flawless website. Smooth communication, on-time delivery, and outstanding results. Highly recommend!

  • Emily evans

    Emily evans

    Choosing Mohana transformed our business! Their expertise and dedication delivered an app that surpassed our expectations. Smooth communication, on-time delivery, and exceptional results. Highly recommended!

  • Henry william

    Henry william

    Partnering with Mohana was a game-changer for my channel. Their expertise brought my content to life with seamless editing and engaging effects. Communication was smooth, deadlines were met, and the results exceeded expectations. Highly recommend!




  1. Bachelor of Computer Applications (University of Mysuru)

    2023 — Present

    Since 2023, I've been studying Bachelor of Computer Applications at the University of Mysuru, diving into coding and software development. Each semester brings new challenges, deepening my understanding of computer science. Eager to contribute to the evolving digital landscape, I embrace every lesson learned with enthusiasm.

  2. Bachelor of Commerce (Bangalore University)

    2017 — 2018 (Drop Out)

    In 2017-2018, I left my Bachelor of Commerce studies at Bangalore University to become a village accountant in the Karnataka government. Transitioning from academia to public service, I found purpose in facilitating governmental transparency and efficiency at the grassroots level, grateful for the opportunity to make a meaningful impact.

  3. Pre-University Education, Karnataka (Commerce)

    2015 — 2017

    Studying Commerce in Pre-University Education, Karnataka, from 2015 to 2017, I achieved a remarkable 95.5% distinction. Despite challenges, my dedication prevailed. This success, supported by teachers and family, highlights the transformative impact of education, shaping my future with resilience and determination.

  4. Karnataka School Examination and Assessment Board

    2014 — 2015

    In 2014-2015, I excelled with 85.76% distinction in Karnataka School Examination and Assessment Board. Through dedication and resilience, I achieved this milestone, supported by teachers and family. KSEEB's nurturing environment shaped my journey, highlighting education's transformative power and opening doors to endless opportunities.


  1. YouTuber

    2018 — Present

    Since 2018, I've excelled as a YouTuber, focusing on voiceovers and video editing. With a passion for storytelling, I've carved a unique niche online. Through skilled voice modulation and adept editing, I create captivating content that entertains, educates, and fosters a vibrant community of like-minded individuals.

  2. Web Developer

    2019 — Present

    Since 2019, I've delved into web development, specializing in JavaScript. My focus is on creating interactive and responsive web experiences, blending innovation with problem-solving. Committed to growth, I stay updated with the latest advancements, mastering new frameworks, and collaborating with peers to contribute to the dynamic internet landscape.

  3. Web Designer

    2019 — Present

    Since 2019, I've specialized in web design, utilizing WordPress as my CMS platform. With its intuitive interface, I've crafted visually stunning websites for diverse clients. Continuously evolving, I stay updated with the latest design trends, pushing boundaries to create captivating digital experiences.

  4. Mobile App Developer

    2020 — Present

    Since 2020, I've been an Android app developer, using Android Studio to create innovative mobile applications. With a focus on seamless user experiences, I push boundaries in this dynamic field, staying updated with the latest trends and collaborating with peers to craft apps that enhance users' lives.

My skills

  • JavaScript Web Development
  • WordPress Web Design
  • YouTube Video Editing
  • Mobile App Development



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